Monday, 8 August 2011

How To Measure Your Premium Beautiful Size?

PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL is unique for everybody.
Eveyone of us has different shape and size.

So how to measure your body to get the perfect PB size ????

Well, only 4 part of your body  measurements that need to be measure.

Bear in mind, all measurement MUST BE in cm / centimeters.

1st of all, measure your bust (dada / puncak).

2nd ~ measure your underbust (bawah dada)

3rd ~ measure your waist (pinggang)

lastly 4th ~ measure your buttock (punggung)

Provide all of the measurements to me and I will convert them to your perfect Premium Beautiful size ..... :)
As simple as that.

Wanna grab a set, I assure you, you will never regard it.

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