Thursday, 13 October 2011

Premium Beautiful VS Slimming Centre

Just to show some examples.


Not only for slimming but Premium Beautiful is 70% health and 30% beauty - slimming, radiant face and when you are healthy, automatically you will look beautiful.
All in 1 product.

Only focus on SLIMMING.
It doesn't help with your backache, period pain, reduce stretchmarks, white discharge etc etc.

wear your WHOLE LIFE.

Have to attend few sessions but the result not really sure make you satisfied.
Require more money flow to get the best end results.

Visible body curve.

Sorry to say, sure NO NO nothing happen here.

Treatment made all the way, so to get better result, reccommended wear it at least 8 hours a day.

Lots of "DON'T"
After finish treatment, they will say "Don't eat oily/fried food ok, eat porched or boil aaaa..."
Torture isn't it :(

 Metabolism & fats burn when usage of PB for 8 hours consistenly.
By wearing PB during exercises/workout, it will burn more & double the effect.

Not sure how much metabolism & fats burn with their machine & rubbing/massaging technique ....

This PB is so call " produk ABANG SAYANG". Why ???
It will & can TIGHTEN whichever need to be tighten internal *wink wink*
In short, harmonise relationship between hubby & wifey.

Slim but internally we don't know  ??????

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