Monday, 26 December 2011

Premium Beautiful by INSTALLMENT

Assalamualaikum Readers

Since join this business and have been advertised thru FB, my Blog, works website/advertisement site, banyak yang bertanya and interested to purchase this amazing corset. But when told on the price, drg terus put off and some even says cannot afford to pay CASH.

Don't worry, here I will give a chance where you can own this Premium Beautiful corset by INSTALLMENT.
Sure ada yang tengah senyum lebar ni hehehehe

Here is the plan :
Installment normally base on actual price.
Size S-M = RM2400
Size L-XL = RM2600   

So by installment :
1) 1st payment ~ half of the actual price. (+/- B$500)
2) Balance either 2 or 3 kali byr.
Agreement base on both parties.

Note :
Bare in mind, the corset will be given to the buyers during the last payment of the installments.

This is as a precaution saja. Mana la tau if kana bagi awal the corset then tau2 nda dpt d contact lagi the buyer and the balance nda kana byr :(
Kan niaya tu.
Hope the buyers will understand the terms n conditions.

Kepada sesiapa yg berminat, hurry up contact me now cos stock for installment very limited.

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