Friday, 6 January 2012


As Salam Readers,
Start back to work today after taking a few days leave just to handle my children schedule/1st day of school. Really hectic. Biasa la kan anak-anak start back to school, parents yang sibuk.

Anyhow, how's everyone ????
Apakah plan biskita dalam tahun baru ani .... ada / nada ???
Di harap apa2 pun yang biskita inginkan, insya-allah tercapai.
If yang alum ada atu, pikir2 kan tah untuk masa depan biskita, keluarga biskita dan sebagainya.

As for myself, workwise now we are having NEW ORGANISATION (from SEN change to AES), so work process flow still in progress, still got hickup here and there....

On business, I will do ALL OUT as far as I can to achieve what I'm aiming for from the moment I start to make the 1st step on this business.Thanks to my leader DSM Norshuhada on all your guidances.


  1. it's ok long as u also put 100% commitment on this is my pleaser to help u to achieve all those dreams/targets/aims...go..go..chaiyuk2..:)))))

  2. Thanks Shu. Insyaallah together we achieved what we aim for :)