Monday, 20 February 2012

Away to Kuala Lumpur

Dear valued Customers & Readers,
Just to let you know that I'll be away this coming weekend (24th - 26th February) accompany hubby to KL. Any enquiry, on products and business, pls send to my personal e mail. Will entertain it when I come back.

While over there nanti, hubby will be busy with their programme and I will be meeting my biz partner DSM Norshuhada.

Really can't wait. This is an opportunity of a life time. Beside herself, insya-allah will meet eye to eye with great leaders like CDM Maisarah Ibrahim
and also DDM Nurul.

Wanna get aura from them :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Wanna know why I join this business
and why you SHOULD to ?

Because :

Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd
- a stabil company
- listed in 1st board BSKL
- received award from Forbes Asia for 4 years straight
- received award CSR
- received Anugerah Perniagaan Beretika from KPDN
- and lots more.

Its already prepared, just choose which plan suited you the most, the choice is all yours.
Simple, flexible & easy to duplicate as A, B, C :)

There are a lots of products in Hai-O Marketing but our group only focus on PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL because its very high demand, superbrand product, life time warranty, lots of positive feedback from users.

Business through internet.
- very very easy.
Customers will look for us to buy the product.
Just constantly advertise / promote thru Facebook, Blog, Twitter etc.
You'll be surprise bcos those who contact you will be outside from your district or even country.

Others products :
- Premium Beautiful Short Brassiere
- PB Wash
- Nurich Lactolite
- Pil Herba Maharani

Finally :
Because now the cost of living so high and everything require money.

What are you waiting for, lets join us.

Your first step begins here and will be GUIDED until the ends from our great leaders.

TEAMWORKS - you will not do this business alone :)

Friday, 10 February 2012

BONUS masuk today..... PROVEN :)

Best ler :)
Ok readers, this is NOT business main-main,
its a SERIOUS one and PROVEN.
So sapa-sapa interested, don't hesitate to contact me @ 8657272

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Business Partners Needed

Calling All Bruneian,
Doesn't matter dari daerah Brunei Muara, Tutong, Temburong even my hometown Kuala Belait, if you are looking for extra $$$ or side income, do contact me.
Now Premium Beautiful demand is sooooo high in Brunei, nda menang tangan ku handle sorang2. If ada dealer from each daerah kan senang.

Don't worry business ani mudah saja,its so called BUSINESS INTERNET gunakan la technology yang ada like Facebook, Blog, Twitter.....just 2 hours per day... & the income bulih dpt beribu2 :)
Daripada pos yg nda tantu2, baik pos about bisnis kan, ada jua hasilnya in the end.

Yang pentingnya, we have TEAMWORK to help each other. YOU DON'T DO IT ALONE

Bak kata pepatah,
tangan sudah di hulurkan, tunggu yang sudi menyambut saja.

Ok my lovely Bruneian, lets spread/kembangkan business Premium Beautiful ani, lets make your FIRST STEP NOW :)


Monday, 6 February 2012

Keistimewaan Pil Herba Maharani

As Salam Ladies,
Just wanted to share, sesiapa yang ada masalah as stated below :
  • Masalah sengugut (period pain)
  • Keputihan (white discharge)
  • Faraj berbau
  • Muka pucat
  • Masalah buasir
  • Urat timbul
  • Payudara kendur
  • Masalah mulut berbau
  • Sakit pinggang, sendi, lutut
If you said YES, then you all PERLU and HARUS ambil and amalkan this.

By doing so, insya-allah masalah di atas dapat diatasi dengan mengamalkannya secara konsisten.
Place your order by sms me 8657272
Harga sekotak B$40
(price include postage)

Sunday, 5 February 2012


The company has open 1 more FREE TRIP to
Depart in June 2012.
To qualify, no firm answer yet, will inform soon.
And also good news is the bonus rm4500 is back :)

So to my Bruneian readers, yang interested to join this business, this is your chance.

Contact me @ 8657272 now.
Jangan malu-malu, I will share you the marketing plan.

Share sikit gambar2 interesting places di Guangzhou :)
Huaisheng Mosque

Guangzhou Jade Market

Pearl River Cruise


Can't wait to go there.
Semoga tercapai :)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Why I do this business ?

Because the name 'PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL' has established in market since 19 years ago. About the more worry about it..:) and 90% of the user get positives effect from the corset..if not, surely company will discontinue the production..rite????

the product is HALAL and it is SUPERBRAND
source from
The only corset in the world got SUPERBRAND...this label is given by invitational ONLY !!!

The only 3 pieces lingerie in the world got LIFETIME WARRANTY services.
Free of charge forever for any broken hook, fabric, wire....just compare with other products with the same price..there are no such thing like lifetime warranty but this PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL CORSET has..premium beautiful much more worth every penny...

the market for 20-30 years ahead is logic...PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL can be sell anytime..the demand keep increasing..because every woman wear lingerie...:)...just need to open their mind to change from ordinary BRA, PANTIES to FIR embedded lingerie..covering inner part as well as health PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL is the total solution for every woman

suitable for ALL BODY TYPE !!! from skinny to curvy, pear, apple, cylinder, straight and hourglass..PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL will custom size for you...just need ur measurement to get the correct size for your body..:))

 we don't need to re-stock product..just ONE TIME CAPITAL for ur lifetime in this business...suits all especially to people who do not like to maintain every month capital just like conventional more more headache !!!

INCOME or we call it as BONUS for every month start with 4..5..6 figures..great !!! and our team just do it not work hard but WORK SMART !!! everybody has facebook and blog ur  marketing just tru internet...:))..this business really suits to all who need to make extra income by doing ONLINE need to worry about ur business experience or education level because this business has MENTOR...we will guide u all the way on how to do selling, marketing and business expanding...all in experience required and the income is overhead rite !!!

so..what are u waiting for ??
just get ur phone n contact me now.
join our beautiful team with PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL..!!!!
Forziah +673 86572