Monday, 23 April 2012

Testimonial from a friend "Syazlie Ishak"

Awal-awal memang suspen la sentence ia pakai. Pikir like nda effective kah on her but udah baca last sentence atu wahhhhhh alhamdulillah.
So anyone out there, if this Premium Beautiful corset works on me and Syazlie, it sures works on you too.
Apa tunggu lagi, contact me now and promotion price still on until end of this month.
Hurry up !!!!

Taken from my Facebook status today.
Thanks Syazlie for sharing :)

9 hours ago near Kuala Belait
Last call every1. Promotion price for health corset with FIR No.1 hot selling in Malaysia n Brunei - Premium Beautiful corset - will end this month. After this the price will be back to normal price. To grab this great offer price inbox/contact me asap.
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    • Syazlie Ishak i never believe in this kind of things.. Infra red kah apa kah corset kah... BUT PB change my views on things...

      Lemak on my sides...which ppl call 'sayab' has now REDUCED....and THANKS to everyone... this PB... U wont regret at all...
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    • Forziah Abu Bakar Great news BB. Keep on wearing it :)
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    • Admie Shuhada thanx a lot syazlie ishak..nervous the 1st line i read ur word...but at the end very happy for u and others who have tried this magical corset...:)))..keep on wearing k..
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