Friday, 13 April 2012

What so special about Premium Beautiful corset ?

Its the No. 1 and hot selling corset in Malaysia and now becoming hot selling product too in Brunei. Demand is getting more and more :)

Its not easy to find other lingerie selling out there with that label. SUPERBRAND is a proof that the product is a high quality and high demand by customers. No wonder la best selling kan :) 

YES thats true. What it meant is you can wear this corset for the rest of your life and every damage to the fabric can be serviced/repaired anytime FREE OF CHARGE. Can you tell me if there is any other lingerie out there which can give you this benefits ???? Sure nada kan

This corset is specially designed by Japan, US, Germany & Taiwan Technology.

The FIR is embroidered by 32 layers. As we know F.I.R is good for our health and beauty. 

The PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL Waist Nipper (bengkung) has been awarded by the International Chiropractic Association. Its 7 wires design for the waist nipper is so good to support ur back n very suitable for those who have back pain and slip disc, even our baby who has high fever can wear the waist nipper too, just wrap it around the body and it will lower down the fever and make ur baby sweat.

The most comfortable fabric ever used because of the tehcnology embedded in the fabric, you won't feel hot or uncomfortable because the technology will regulate your body heat according to surrounding weather. It is also comfortable to be worn while doing exercises like aerobic, jogging and playing sports !

Benefits u can get :
- during confinement period. Wear as modern corset (as bengkung modern) 

- cure back pain (cure mine)
- fade away stretch-mark (happen to me)
- cure white discharge (reduce mine)
- cure sagging breast (happen to me)
- reduce and maintain ideal weight (happen to me)
- control food intake (happen to me)
- detect breast and cervic cancer
- cure lump 
- reduce size of cyst/fibroid
- cure irregular period flow
- cure period pain
- cure migraine, fever (baby also can wear during fever)
- flatten flabby tummy (happen to me)
- body shaping (happen to me)

So ladies, stated in blue is what i have experienced, how about you ? Sure it happen to you too but you don't know how to solve it. By wearing Premium Beautiful consistently sure you can, Insyaallah. 

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