Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Exclusive Business Meeting with DSM Norshuhada

Ohhhh yessss :)
Last Friday 18th May 2012, was the happiest day cos my business partner Norshuhada is coming.
Her 1st Exclusive Business Meeting with "Premium Beautiful Brunei Team aka PBBT" (saja2 buat nama team but I likkkeeee)

Anyhow pls proceed reading whats happened that day.
Copied from Shuhada's website.
Alhamdulillah....thanx Allah for granted my wish..
actually, this is my long term planning..but recently Allah has given me the chance, time and stay healthy to proceed with my plan..
i just did the Exclusive Business Meeting cum O-Group with my partners from Brunei and Sabah..alhamdulillah..
the journey started on Friday..accompanied by my lovely hubby, we took a plane to meet my partners at the borders...
the journey was smooth and we safely arrived at all destinations as per planned..
even though we just spent a couple of hours not the whole day, but the time was a quality one n i am really really grateful to have a very high committed business partners... :)
the 1st meeting was with my Brunei team lead by my dear Puan Forziah...
This lady has proven that even though we are far away, but she manage to qualify the 1st 100% sponsored trip by company...insya allah we will fly together to Guangzhou this coming July 2012
and this is Lynn, Puan Forziah business partner..:)..she is a wife, a mother, a worker and also a part time student..but she manage to do this business and success with us...nothing can stop us pursue our dreams if we want it...!!!..and yet this business has full team backup, free training n full guidance from successful leaders..just follow the steps and enjoy the outcomes..:))
the most beautiful ladies in the world..hehehehe...besides sharing about the beauty of the products, we also chit chatting on the business as well..:)
With Wana, the last person who came that day...:)
The session only last a few hours but we had a great time and lastly we said good bye cos Shuhada is off to Kota Kinabalu Sabah again.
Shuhada, I personnally very greatful for having a great leader and under the right group in B32 team lead by CDM Hanis Haizi and also I really appreciated your committment coming over here last week.
To all Bruneian, those interested to join our group contact me and I will assist and explain on how this business goes. 

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