Friday, 27 July 2012

G.L.A.M. - Green Leaders Academy Malaysia

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It was just started with a DREAM. The DREAM turned into REALITY!! Because WE MAKE IT HAPPEN
Alhamdullilah berkat usaha berterusan dan consistent tuntut ilmu daripada leaders hasilnya terciptalah GLG Team hari ini.

After 2 years Hanis berkecimpung dalam business Premium Beautiful, maka tertubuhlah Green Leaders Group, ketika itu pencapaian Green Leader Group pertama kali dalam sejarah bawa 2 bas ke Hong Kong pada June 2011.

Dalam banyak-banyak CDM di Malaysia, our team is the YOUNGEST TEAM but yet the FASTEST TEAM untuk bawa BUS melancong.
Tak cukup pencapaian itu, seterusnya semasa pergi ke Holland we are the ONLY team yang bawa BUS!! Congratzz to ALL Green Leaders Group to be apart of this success!!

Seterusnya pergi ke Vietnam hampir Satu Flight!! Lebih kurang 3 bus! Seronok tak terkata.

Dan baru- baru ni balik dari Guangzhou, kami bawak lebih dari 1 flight. Dan total number of bus is 5!!
{Thats include me. 1st time qualified and my 1st free trip. Best pergi ramai-ramai with GLG. Infact I'm the only Bruneian. Surprised??? Don't be... you can too. - Hjh Forziah}
The bigger the BETTER!

2 flights!!!

Green Leaders Group lead by young generation, all ideas are fresh and unique! We like to step forward and move fast! 
We are the NO. 1 ONLINE PIONEER, coz back in 2009 masa tu Premium Beautiful tidak dikenali lagi. And starting from me, the founder of Premium Beautiful *Top Agent and Green Leaders Group maka terciptalah Revolusi Premium Beautiful Online! 
Dan yang dapat tempias ialah rakan-rakan kongsi!! :)
To all my GLG Team we have special topic on social media marketing, how important internet in our life. Kalau kita tak step forward kita akan ketinggalan. And the best part, everybody the "workable method", including other group too! :)
The best part if you GOOGLE Premium Beautiful, boleh kata 98% adalah from Green Leaders Group!! 
{hehehe how true. Google saja my blog will pop up "Premium Beautiful ~ Brunei"- Hjh Forziah}

Common keyword! My name also dah jadi Keyword for Premium Beautiful... kata legend kan? :P
Now Green Leaders has their own Academy, specially for team members, hands on training on Motivational talk, Technical part on Premium Beautiful corset, Setting Efficient, and Goal Setting.
And Social media marketing also part of the knowledge that we share. Especially on blogging and Facebook. Most of our team members banyak back ground IT, maka mereka juga contribute kepada semua ilmu-ilmu ini. 
masa ni buat POWER UP session

Gerak Gempur mengikut Zon jugak dilakukan untuk rakan-rakan kongsi yang luar dari KL untuk serap aura leader!  Thank you to all CDMs from GLG group yang sama-sama menjayakan program GLG Gerak Gempur Seminar!
Zon Selatan

Zon Pantai Timur

{Insya-allah it will be bigger soon in Brunei. Believe me :) - Hjh Forziah}

Be apart of our TEAM today!! 

Be in the Right Group! 

Choose GLAM!!

We will guide you to Succeed! 

Bruneian out there
Call me @ 86572

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Day 4 : 14th July - Guangzhou China

Aaaaaahhhhhh dah final day here in China. Happy to be back home but sad too to leave Guangzhou. That's ok la kan insyaallah if ada rezeki kita datang lagi.

Final day, macam biasa breakfast then assemble kat lobby. Checked semua luggage and ready to go to airport.

Dalam bas sementara nak tunggu sampai ke airport, CDM Maisarah pilih 5 member untuk share testimoni yang 1st time qualify to free trip company,  one of them is MYSELF (the only qualifier dari seberang Malaysia). So readers out there, jarak bukan penghalang untuk kita berjaya bersama...bila hati kata nak..tindakan selari dan bulat hati ikut sahaja apa yang diguide oleh pemimpin....sure dapat punya...:)
4 days 3 night memang rasa tak cukup but hey I've enjoyed every minutes of it with all those activities created with the GLG teams and will remained in my memory forever :)
Insyaallah for next challenge, I will fight harder to achieve my next free trip to London & Paris.

Below is our video, so enjoyyy :)

Join US !!!!!
Contact me NOW n let's do this together with 
Green Leaders Group

Lastly have a look below's photo, semua laki-laki kan. Dorang ni juga qulaified to this trip dengan hasil penjualan Premium Beautiful. Tak perlu la nak rasa malu. If they can do it, why can't you.

When doing online business, tak kisah la kita jual barang lelaki ke, wanita ke & even ourself MALE or FEMALE, there are tips and strategy which can help us to sell/promote our products, NOT base on diri kita. That's why those guys in the photo pun boleh berjaya & success in this business.

Photo taken during Gala dinner in Guangzhou China.
Proven : Green Leaders Group not only conquered by ladies but also gentlemen can success with us in doing this Premium Beautiful business :)

Friday, 20 July 2012

Day 3 : 13th July - Guangzhou China

To be continue .....
Day 3
Theme : YELLOW

8am : Breakfast then assembled at hotel lobby.

Today's agenda mostly shopppiiinnnggggggg yeayyyyyy :)

1st stop @ Fabric Market. Here sepanjang jalan you can see all those kain-kain (China silk, cotton silk etc), bedsheets, table runners, curtains etc etc. Yang penting yofu need to negotiate on the price. For myself I just bought a few kain. Best place if you intend to buy/borong a lot!!!!

Next stop, again to Onelink International Plaza cos most of us preferred to shop here (yesterday rasa macam nda cukup masa thats why we request lagi to come shopping here hehehe)

While lepak-lepak di luar building, kita munch-munch kebab with pita bread. Perut dah lapar kan so apa di makan pun sodappp. Eh eh eh ni halal kebab ok 

About 5.30pm back hotel, rest sekejap.

Malam we go for PEARL RIVER CRUISE. To see all those beautiful buildings with lights display on it. Very nice scenery. We passed about 6 bridges during the cruise.

CDM Maisarah with her hubby bakal CDM Syukran

Finally kita balik hotel and malam tu own activity. So my room-mate & myself pergi jalan-jalan kat tepi-tepi kedai around our hotel. Esok kan our final day so time to spend all those existing chinese yuan hehehehe

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Day 2 : 12th July - Guangzhou China

To be continued......
Theme : BLUE
Today's agenda sightseeing & shopping.

8am : Breakfast @ the hotel 3rd Floor.
9am : Assemble @ the lobby.

1st stop group photo at an area with Canton Tower at the background with Guangzhou Library with a few more nice buildings nearby. The building of the library itself is very unique macam puzzle.

Canton Tower

Temperature that day panas gileeerrrr 35 degree. Hotter than Malaysia & Brunei. Panasnya really menggigit-gigit. Then we go shopping at one of the mall (sorry nda ingat namanya) which sells branded goods.

Lunch at another muslim restaurant. Smaller than yesterday's restaurant. Food there nice and sedapppppp.

Then shopping at souvenirs shops/mall called Onelink International Plaza. Here you can buy everything you wanted. So very the cheap. Beli borong much much cheaper. Really rambang mata jua meliat. All those toys especially TRANSFORMERS wahhhhh murah murah but sadly aku nda brani mengangkut cos takut excess bag huhuhu :(

After shopping we went back to hotel to get ready cos malam ada Gala Dinner @ Hilton Hotel. Kita dressed up biasa-biasa saja. Our group theme macam biasa GREEN la but our GLG leaders phewwettt lawa-lawa, glamour-glamour ..... (jealous mode hehehe)

CDM Hanis 1st speaker that night.

Look at our GREEN team, ramai kan :)

Function ended around 11pm. Back hotel to rest and ready for tomorrow events.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

DAY 1 : 11th July - Guangzhou China

Hello again,
Now I wanted to share my 1st "FOC/All paid for" trip to Guangzhou China, baru2 ni (11th - 14th July). Fikiran masih teringat2 kat Guangzhou hehehe.
Really excited cos 1st time qualified kan with this Premium Beautiful business and also 1st time travel together dengan business partner Shuhada & the leaders CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Maisarah Ibrahim.

My journey begins.....

Day 1
Theme "GREEN"
Semua pakai baju warna hijau. We (myself, my biz partner Shuhada & her mom) departed dari Barry Inn ke KLIA Level 5 @ 5.15am. Still in mengantuk mode hehehe. Once sampai kita lepak2, duduk2 tunggu the rest of Green Leaders Group (GLG) datang.

With my biz partner Norshuhada

6.30am : Masa bergumpul.
Met our tour manager Miss Han. She distributed 1 plastic pack : consist of 2 tags untuk luggage, programme etc etc. Settled check in luggage then kita breakfast @ Old Town White Coffee. Boarding time 9am, Flight 9.30am.
KL - Guangzhou took about 2 hours 56 min.
with Shuhada's mom & CDM Maisarah

With CDM Hanis Haizi

Group J

Arrived @ Baiyun Airport.
(Sorry lost track on time landed/arrived cos tooo excited hehehehe). Settled semua urusan luggage, proceed to our bus @ bus terminal (need to walk about 5-10 mins). 
Group photo @ Baiyun Airport .....its a MUST hehehe

1st shopping : Leather Market
For the ladies, memang excited cos banyak handbags, purse, ladies accessories etc etc. As Bruneian says : Memang rambang mata meliat. 

 We went to one of the muslim restaurants in Guangzhou. Here we were entertained with "singing & dancing". The food hmmm ok la.
All with their happy faces after makan

2nd shopping : Shangxiajiu Shopping Street
As told by our tour guide Johnny, here is the famous shopping center for tourists. For me tempat ni macam China Town la. Sepanjang jalan semua kedai2. Really ramai orang.

Lastly, checked in Rosdale Hotel.
Given room no. 2322 @ 23th Floor.

I shared a room with Noor Afzianni Abd Kadir aka Yani. After all those tiring shopping & its time to zzzzzzz

I'm Back

Assalamualaikum Bruneian,
Sorry for not updating my blog this few days. Really busy preparing & packing and now I'm back ===> back from GUANGZHOU CHINA wehhheee.
FYI, Facebook pun sunyi nda dpt kan update status cos NO FACEBOOK IN CHINA ok

Siuk berabis. Shopping heaven. Rasa kan di borong semua pakal saja takut excess baggage.

Anyhow, now business back on track and ready for next challenge "London & Paris" trip. Fly off in March 2013. Sapa2 yang interested to join the business & wanted to get extra income & FREE OF CHARGE trip, don't hesitate to contact me ok.

Hear you soon :)

Monday, 9 July 2012

My 1st free trip to Guangzhou China

Can't wait & my trip will start tomorrow.
Fly off to KL then 11th July .... will be the beginning of my Guangzhou China FREE trip weeehhheeeeee
This is what stated in the itinerary
Insya-allah, we will arrive to Guangzhou at night on 11 July 2012. Upon arrival, we will be brought to our hotel The Rosedale Hotel.

After check in and dinner, we will be brought to Shangxiajiu Street for 1st shopping activities

 DAY 2
In the morning, we will take an enjoy and relaxing ride to ShenZhen and take a stroll in OCT East Resort, Tea Stream Valley and experience an innovative combination of natural sceneries and recreational activities in Ecoventure Valley.
The most awaited day FULL day of shopping activities at leather market and also Haiyin fabric market
Last day, we will be brought for a city tour. These are the places we will be going soon.
Pearl River New Town
International Finance Mansion
Opera theater
Guangzhou Museum
Guangzhou Library
Guangzhou Tower
Guangzhou Stadium
 This is where Asian Olympic Games was held.
After city tour, we will be brought to the airport to fly back to Kuala Lumpur.
That's the end of our trip.
So how about you, wanna join us in doing Premium Beautiful business and enjoy FREE TRIP ???
You are in the right place and the group. Call/inbox me and I will share with you all about it.
You are not alone, you will be guided all the way from the start.


Our next F.O.C trip will be to Europe Country to be exact LONDON & PARIS

Green Leaders Group