Tuesday, 17 July 2012

DAY 1 : 11th July - Guangzhou China

Hello again,
Now I wanted to share my 1st "FOC/All paid for" trip to Guangzhou China, baru2 ni (11th - 14th July). Fikiran masih teringat2 kat Guangzhou hehehe.
Really excited cos 1st time qualified kan with this Premium Beautiful business and also 1st time travel together dengan business partner Shuhada & the leaders CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Maisarah Ibrahim.

My journey begins.....

Day 1
Theme "GREEN"
Semua pakai baju warna hijau. We (myself, my biz partner Shuhada & her mom) departed dari Barry Inn ke KLIA Level 5 @ 5.15am. Still in mengantuk mode hehehe. Once sampai kita lepak2, duduk2 tunggu the rest of Green Leaders Group (GLG) datang.

With my biz partner Norshuhada

6.30am : Masa bergumpul.
Met our tour manager Miss Han. She distributed 1 plastic pack : consist of 2 tags untuk luggage, programme etc etc. Settled check in luggage then kita breakfast @ Old Town White Coffee. Boarding time 9am, Flight 9.30am.
KL - Guangzhou took about 2 hours 56 min.
with Shuhada's mom & CDM Maisarah

With CDM Hanis Haizi

Group J

Arrived @ Baiyun Airport.
(Sorry lost track on time landed/arrived cos tooo excited hehehehe). Settled semua urusan luggage, proceed to our bus @ bus terminal (need to walk about 5-10 mins). 
Group photo @ Baiyun Airport .....its a MUST hehehe

1st shopping : Leather Market
For the ladies, memang excited cos banyak handbags, purse, ladies accessories etc etc. As Bruneian says : Memang rambang mata meliat. 

 We went to one of the muslim restaurants in Guangzhou. Here we were entertained with "singing & dancing". The food hmmm ok la.
All with their happy faces after makan

2nd shopping : Shangxiajiu Shopping Street
As told by our tour guide Johnny, here is the famous shopping center for tourists. For me tempat ni macam China Town la. Sepanjang jalan semua kedai2. Really ramai orang.

Lastly, checked in Rosdale Hotel.
Given room no. 2322 @ 23th Floor.

I shared a room with Noor Afzianni Abd Kadir aka Yani. After all those tiring shopping & its time to zzzzzzz

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