Friday, 20 July 2012

Day 3 : 13th July - Guangzhou China

To be continue .....
Day 3
Theme : YELLOW

8am : Breakfast then assembled at hotel lobby.

Today's agenda mostly shopppiiinnnggggggg yeayyyyyy :)

1st stop @ Fabric Market. Here sepanjang jalan you can see all those kain-kain (China silk, cotton silk etc), bedsheets, table runners, curtains etc etc. Yang penting yofu need to negotiate on the price. For myself I just bought a few kain. Best place if you intend to buy/borong a lot!!!!

Next stop, again to Onelink International Plaza cos most of us preferred to shop here (yesterday rasa macam nda cukup masa thats why we request lagi to come shopping here hehehe)

While lepak-lepak di luar building, kita munch-munch kebab with pita bread. Perut dah lapar kan so apa di makan pun sodappp. Eh eh eh ni halal kebab ok 

About 5.30pm back hotel, rest sekejap.

Malam we go for PEARL RIVER CRUISE. To see all those beautiful buildings with lights display on it. Very nice scenery. We passed about 6 bridges during the cruise.

CDM Maisarah with her hubby bakal CDM Syukran

Finally kita balik hotel and malam tu own activity. So my room-mate & myself pergi jalan-jalan kat tepi-tepi kedai around our hotel. Esok kan our final day so time to spend all those existing chinese yuan hehehehe

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