Sunday, 22 July 2012

Day 4 : 14th July - Guangzhou China

Aaaaaahhhhhh dah final day here in China. Happy to be back home but sad too to leave Guangzhou. That's ok la kan insyaallah if ada rezeki kita datang lagi.

Final day, macam biasa breakfast then assemble kat lobby. Checked semua luggage and ready to go to airport.

Dalam bas sementara nak tunggu sampai ke airport, CDM Maisarah pilih 5 member untuk share testimoni yang 1st time qualify to free trip company,  one of them is MYSELF (the only qualifier dari seberang Malaysia). So readers out there, jarak bukan penghalang untuk kita berjaya bersama...bila hati kata nak..tindakan selari dan bulat hati ikut sahaja apa yang diguide oleh pemimpin....sure dapat punya...:)
4 days 3 night memang rasa tak cukup but hey I've enjoyed every minutes of it with all those activities created with the GLG teams and will remained in my memory forever :)
Insyaallah for next challenge, I will fight harder to achieve my next free trip to London & Paris.

Below is our video, so enjoyyy :)

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Green Leaders Group

Lastly have a look below's photo, semua laki-laki kan. Dorang ni juga qulaified to this trip dengan hasil penjualan Premium Beautiful. Tak perlu la nak rasa malu. If they can do it, why can't you.

When doing online business, tak kisah la kita jual barang lelaki ke, wanita ke & even ourself MALE or FEMALE, there are tips and strategy which can help us to sell/promote our products, NOT base on diri kita. That's why those guys in the photo pun boleh berjaya & success in this business.

Photo taken during Gala dinner in Guangzhou China.
Proven : Green Leaders Group not only conquered by ladies but also gentlemen can success with us in doing this Premium Beautiful business :)

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