Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hai-O 20th Anniversary & GLAM Nite Event

Sneak preview from the "Glamourous" event.

Copied this quotes from our CDM Hanis Haizi.

Here in Green Leaders Group 
we learn from the good & the bad experiences 
and we try to make it better
We are still young, we are always learning and 
we can never be perfect...

We will try to be the best that we can be and hopefully that "The BEST" will reach out to the success of all our business partners!

Enjoy the pictures below. Taken from the event.

All Green Leaders Group's CDMs
Aren't they looked gorgeous :) Beauty Queens hehe

CDMs & their Spouses
From Green Leaders Group
Entertainer that night Shila Amzah

And Dayang 

CDM Hanis Haizi being interviewed.

Below pictures from CDM Maisarah's blog.
CDM Maisarah & spouse CDM Syukran
Loveeee her dress n makeup. Looks so natural.

I'm so thankful to Allah to lead me to a "right path" and making the "right decision" by joining this GREEN LEADERS TEAM and In Sya Allah one day I WILL BE ONE OF THE CROWN DIAMOND.....Amin

Work hard & follow the leaders....

How about you ?????

Care to join us !!!!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bamboo Salt vs Instant Noodle

Another demonstration on Bamboo Salt by CDM Maisarah Ibrahim.
Proven that Bamboo Salt (Garam Buluh) is an anti-oxidant agent.

Let's watch this video for more understanding...

Summarize from this demo are :
** after iodine poured into the clear water, blue color is produced. It shows the chemical reactions on our food.
** a sachet of Bamboo Salt (Garam Buluh) is poured after that, the water is cleared. It shows that Bamboo Salt has detoxifies the toxic chemicals

actually, this is just a simple test..

 but if we look deeply in our life and our eating habits..if we still not seriously concerned with the source of food we eat, it can be a critical issue with the health of the human body in the future..especially to our babies, kids !!!

Instead of detoxifies, what else Bamboo Salt can do for u ???

Let's change our lifestyle...start with this affordable product for your family's health

With just rm125 to change your lifestyle to a better & healthier life :)
After all, there are 3 types of Bamboo Salt for you to consume.
* Cooking Salt
* For daily drink
* Mineral Coffee


 from a diabetic patient

from a irregular period flow patient

from a migraine and foot problems patient

"We are just solution provider, the decision is still up to you to make."

Friday, 23 November 2012

Garam Buluh (Malay version)

Copied from CDM Maisarah's blog.
Garam Biasa atau Garam Buluh ?
Apa sebenarnya Garam Buluh & apa perbezaannya dengan Garam Biasa?

Sila baca penerangan di bawah.

Garam Buluh and Garam Biasa 
adalah dua bahan yang berbeza.

Garam Buluh :
Garam yang di masak di dalam buluh secara berulang kali dan ditutupi dengan tanah liat. Di bakar menggunakan pokok pine pada suhu 1000 degree dan akan menghasilkan cecair dan ketulan bernama garam buluh dan ianya bersifat alkali.

Garam Biasa :
Garam buatan zaman moden mengandungi 99% Natrium Klorida dan bersifat asid dan banyak menggunakan aditif akibat proses pengilangan dan mengandungi bahan kimia.

Kenapa kita perlukan Garam Buluh?
 Garam buatan zaman kini sudah tidak sama lagi seperti dahulu. Kebanyakkannya mempunyai baha-bahan kimia dan mengandungi unsur-unsur pencemaran dan bersifat asid dan tidak memberikan apa-apa faedah kepada tubuh kita.

 ***Adakah kita tahu garam yang kita makan selama ini lebih BERASID dan KURANG sifat ALKALI ?
Badan berasid adalah punca kepada pelbagai penyakit KRONIK dan penduduk bandar majoritinya mempunyai sifat badan ASID yang boleh membahayakan kesihatan.

 ** Adakah kita tahu sel-sel barah tidak boleh membahagi pada badan yang bersifat ALKALI ??
Ini dapat menghalang sel kanser membiak.

 ** Adakah kita tahu badan yang berasid mengakibatkan pengoksidaan dalam badan dan menyebabkan beberapa fungsi dalaman badan gagal ?? 
 paku berkarat berpunca dari PENGOKSIDAAN

Sifat Garam Buluh??
Garam Buluh yang bersifat Alkali sebagai agen anti-pengoksidaan di dalam badan, membantu meningkat kan kandungan mineral di dalam badan dan membantu penyerapan zat2 mineral di dalam badan.

 Faedah dan fungsi Garam Buluh Hai-O

** Sebagai agen anti-oksida dan menyingkirkan toksin dari dalam badan
** mengandungi kandungan mineral yang tinggi (80 jenis mineral yang diperlukan badan)
** Tinggi kandungan Magnesium
** bersifat ALKALI
** tiada unsur2 pencemaran dan sangat bagus untuk kesihatan badan
** membantu pelawasan dalam sistem penghadaman badan

Siapa yang patut menggunakan Garam Buluh??
** semua peringkat umur, jika masih tiada apa2 penyakit, bagus digunakan untuk melindungi kesihatan dan mencegah.

** untuk pesakit-pesakit Diabetes, Darah Tinggi, Jantung, Batu Karang, Asma, penyakit kulit dan macam-macam lagi.

Cara pengambilan Garam Buluh
** boleh di gunakan semasa memasak, hanya gantikan garam biasa dengan garam buluh

** Garam buluh Premier Drink untuk minuman

** Kapsul garam buluh untuk pengambilan harian

** Mineral Cofee yang mengandungi garam buluh

Cara penyediaan minuman Garam Buluh

Demo Garam Buluh untuk ujian kealkalian dan anti-pengoksidaan by our CDM Maisarah

Testimoni sendiri dari CDM Maisarah yang sangat berpuas hati setelah menggunakan garam buluh dalam beberapa bulan. 
** pagi2 senang pergi toilet, badan u feel ringan
** keluar angin n etc
** kurang dah my headache
** my husband skin very sensitive to habuk, kurang dah
** sakit tekak cepat baik, if u batuk2 or sakit tekak better
** more energetic and hope for more good results after this

Kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk mencuba, hubungi saya 8657272 atau dengan menulis e mel ke forziah172@yahoo.com

Bamboo Salt (English version)

Normal salt or Bamboo Salt (Garam Buluh)
What's the different & What it is all about  ?
Bamboo Salt and Normal salt
is actually 2 different things.
Different by name, their content, structure and also the functions.

Bamboo salt (Garam Buluh) :
is 100% organic sun-dried salt made of energy seawater generated by the vast underground ore cluster at Yeonpyeong Island and Hyeongjun Peninsular, West Coast of Korea. The natural salt is poured into a 3-year old bamboo tube and sealed by unpolluted yellow clay. Sealed bamboo tube will be incinerated in kiln with pine firewood to melt and harden the natural salt into a column. While processing, not only harmful substances (such as heavy metals and chemical substances) have been removed but the nutritional value has also been enriched

Normal salt :
Modern salt produced by chemical process and contain 99% of Natrium Chloride. It is an acidic salt and contains high proportion of sodium which harms human body if taken for long term..

Why we need to change from Normal Salt to Bamboo Salt (Garam Buluh) ?
  • to enhance intestinal peristalsis and eliminates sedimentary waste.
  • to provide minerals and trace elements
  • to regulate biological mechanisms and body systems.
  • to regulate acid-base balance and restores body alkalinity.
  • to improve restorative capacity.
"from the complicated and long process, harmful materials such as heavy metals or impurities will be neutralized and removed after the burning process. However, the salt is enriched by essence of pine woods (such as turpentine and pine oil) and bamboo (200 types of essential trace elements) with inorganic metal ions such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, copper, iron and zinc which are essential for human body."
 rusty nail form from oxidation..same goes to our body...oxidized body will bring lots of chronic internal diseases

 Nature of Bamboo Salt (Garam Buluh)
* Alkaline with pH 10-11.5
* enhance the body's immune system
* contain 70-80 types of minerals
* anti-oxidant and slows the aging process

1 good testimony from a diabetic patient who use our Bamboo Salt to cure his diabetes

Is Bamboo Salt suitable for children and pregnant women?
Yes, but the dosage should be decreased to 1/4 - 1/2 sachet.

Is Bamboo Salt suitable for hypertension patients?
  Yes, bamboo salt is low in sodium content, therefore it will not affect blood pressure and the richness of minerals can further improve health.

Usage direction. 
for daily drink :
Mix one sachet of Bamboo Salt Premier Drink with 200ml warm water or fruit juice and serve after stirred well.

for daily cooking:
Use adequate Bamboo Salt Premier Cooking Salt Powder for regular cooking.

for coffee lovers :
Mix 1 sachet of Mineral Coffee with 150 ml of boiling water and ready to serve.

Is it true this salt is anti-oxidant and alkaline ???

Demo done by CDM Maisarah to show the proofs..feel free to watch

Interested to purchase, do email or call me.

Friday, 16 November 2012

To Be The Best Is To Follow THE BEST

Salam All,
Sorry for not updating this blog for quite sometimes. I'm really busy with lots of things to be done lately.

With work, with daily chores as a mother. Phewww really hectic.

Anyhow, today got the chance to write one post for you all to think about.

What do you think of the title ?
Do you want to be THE BEST?
I'm sure I do in fact I WANTED TO BE THE BEST & BE SUCCESS.

How you may ask ?
Well, I've "already" involved in a great team that is GLAM ~ Green Leaders Academy Malaysia.
With the greatest and dedicated leaders that is CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Maisarah Ibrahim. Not forgetting my direct upline DDM Norshuhada.
CDM Hanis & CDM Maisarah

Doing the best online/networking business with them ~ Premium Beautiful. The hottest product in town :)

You've been mentored/guided all the way when you joined the group. They(the leaders) will provide you all the tools/knowledge you need to run your business. Just COPY & PASTE from them. Hey what more can you ask for, right!

This business is suitable to those :
~ have fix job and wanna earn extra money from side job because we just do it online
~ don't have any experienced in any business because you have us to guide u all the way
~ love to look good & beautiful all the time because we wear and sell beauty product
~ love to travel for FREE because this will be rewarded by company 3 times a year
~ love designer brands but not willing to spend that much because tight on monthly budget
~ love luxury car because company will provide you CAR FUND !!!
and many more reason you have.....
So what are you waiting for, insya-allah by doing this business you can achieved all the dreams that you have dream of :)
To know more contact me @ 8657272 or

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Maal Hijrah 1434

Saya ingin menyucapkan
semoga kita hijrah kepada yang lebih baik.