Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bamboo Salt vs Instant Noodle

Another demonstration on Bamboo Salt by CDM Maisarah Ibrahim.
Proven that Bamboo Salt (Garam Buluh) is an anti-oxidant agent.

Let's watch this video for more understanding...

Summarize from this demo are :
** after iodine poured into the clear water, blue color is produced. It shows the chemical reactions on our food.
** a sachet of Bamboo Salt (Garam Buluh) is poured after that, the water is cleared. It shows that Bamboo Salt has detoxifies the toxic chemicals

actually, this is just a simple test..

 but if we look deeply in our life and our eating habits..if we still not seriously concerned with the source of food we eat, it can be a critical issue with the health of the human body in the future..especially to our babies, kids !!!

Instead of detoxifies, what else Bamboo Salt can do for u ???

Let's change our lifestyle...start with this affordable product for your family's health

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After all, there are 3 types of Bamboo Salt for you to consume.
* Cooking Salt
* For daily drink
* Mineral Coffee


 from a diabetic patient

from a irregular period flow patient

from a migraine and foot problems patient

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