Friday, 16 November 2012

To Be The Best Is To Follow THE BEST

Salam All,
Sorry for not updating this blog for quite sometimes. I'm really busy with lots of things to be done lately.

With work, with daily chores as a mother. Phewww really hectic.

Anyhow, today got the chance to write one post for you all to think about.

What do you think of the title ?
Do you want to be THE BEST?
I'm sure I do in fact I WANTED TO BE THE BEST & BE SUCCESS.

How you may ask ?
Well, I've "already" involved in a great team that is GLAM ~ Green Leaders Academy Malaysia.
With the greatest and dedicated leaders that is CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Maisarah Ibrahim. Not forgetting my direct upline DDM Norshuhada.
CDM Hanis & CDM Maisarah

Doing the best online/networking business with them ~ Premium Beautiful. The hottest product in town :)

You've been mentored/guided all the way when you joined the group. They(the leaders) will provide you all the tools/knowledge you need to run your business. Just COPY & PASTE from them. Hey what more can you ask for, right!

This business is suitable to those :
~ have fix job and wanna earn extra money from side job because we just do it online
~ don't have any experienced in any business because you have us to guide u all the way
~ love to look good & beautiful all the time because we wear and sell beauty product
~ love to travel for FREE because this will be rewarded by company 3 times a year
~ love designer brands but not willing to spend that much because tight on monthly budget
~ love luxury car because company will provide you CAR FUND !!!
and many more reason you have.....
So what are you waiting for, insya-allah by doing this business you can achieved all the dreams that you have dream of :)
To know more contact me @ 8657272 or

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