Tuesday, 31 December 2013


As Salam / Greeting All My Readers,
Today is the last day for year 2013, tomorrow will a new beginning to 2014. I'm hoping for a good start next year.

My resolution ???
Wishing to achieve some as stated in the picture hehehe
Insya-Allah with Allah wills.

How about you ???
Made any new resolution yet ???

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

New Products ... COZUMA series

COZUMA Mattifying Lipsticks
Unique colour powder technology made from :
~ Papaya fruit extract and collagen spheres for plumping up lips.
~ Sunflower Seed Oil and Cottonseed Oil for a superior glide and satin finish.
~ Vitamin C and E for lip protection from harsh environment.
~ Squalane for a smooth, lightweight feeling.

Available colours :
02740 : Pandora Red
02741 : Lolly Pink
02742 : Rose I Love You
02743 : Berry Me
02744 : Shanghai Tang

Price : B$15.00

COZUMA Festivo Eyes & Cheeks Palette Limited Edition 2014
An all-in-one festive mood of a palette that's perfect for creating a range of flattering looks for the year! This palette contains everything you need for a range of day and evening holiday looks.

Unique colour powder technology made from :
~ Pearl dust for a smooth frosty effect.
~ Triglyceride and silicone for advanced creaminess and velvety touch.
~ Natural spherical polymer for easy application and glide.
~ Micronised pigments for colour pureness.

Price : B$33.00

Interested to purchase, watsapp/sms/call me @8657272

Final call !!!! Hurry Hurry ....

Hurry Up Ladies !!!!
All promotion below will end 31st December 2013.

1) Premium Beautiful Corset 
(full set) - rebate rm150

2) Marine Essence Promotion Pack
Price : B$82.00

3) Bio-Velocity Sleep Mate
Buy 3 units of BVSM & pay only B$125 for the 4th unit

Contact me as number stated in the photo.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Beautiful Day With GLAM & Designers Rizman Ruzaini

This event was held 
on 7th December 2013
2pm - 6pm
at Vivatel Hotel.

The invited guest for this beautiful day with GLAM was non other than Malaysia International Designer "Rizman Ruzaini.

Lets enjoy the pictures from that event.
 Opening speech by CDM Razali Zain

Premium Beautiful Corset Premium Beautiful Classic and Elegance Product View.
 Testimonials Premium Beautiful Sharing by client.

 Rizman Ruzaini Fashion Design

 Premium Beautiful wear it & share it.

 Design by Rizman Ruzaini

 Green Leaders Academy Malaysia themes

 Hanis Haizi with Rizman Ruzaini

All GLAM's CDMs Group photo with Rizman Ruzaini

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Congratulation QAMARIAH .... who is next ? YOU ???

So proud of my protege QAMARIAH
Now dah jadi "Sales Manager" - pangkat pertama.
Next target "Senior Sales Manager" pula.

To all my blog readers, who are looking for a side income, doing it part time or full time, low capital to start with, do contact me. I'll be happy to explain our marketing plan and you decide which plan you want to start your business with. You will be guided all the way. No worry.

Contact me 8657272

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Garam Buluh (Bamboo Salt) Hai O

GARAM BULUH mempunyai 1001 rahsia membantu mencegah, merawat pelbagai jenis penyakit.

Kini telah ada Garam Buluh Hai-O yang mana telah terbukti dapat membuang toksin & Asid dalam badan. Garam Buluh Hai-O tidak sama dengan garam biasa kerana ia diproses dengan cara tradisional untuk mendapatkan Mineral yang banyak manakala garam biasa mempunyai kadar bahan kimia yang tinggi terutamanya Klorin, yang digunakan dalam proses memutihkan garam.

Garam Buluh Hai 
telah menjalani proses pembakaran sebanyak 9 kali untuk mendapatkan garam yang bermutu & kaya dengan mineral semulajadi.


*Kenyataan Oleh Prof. Dr. Linus Pauling (2 Kali Pemenang Nobel Award)


Keistimewaan Garam Buluh

1) 100% dari bahan semulajadi

2) Mengandungi 76 jenis zat galian (Mineral)
3) Bersifat Alkali
4) Anti Oksida
5) Mempunyai tahap Ph 10 – 11
6) Mempunyai tenaga Bio

Fungsi Garam Buluh
1) Meneutralkan Asid dalam badan.
2) Meneutralkan bahan kimia dalam badan.
3) Membuang toksin dalam badan.
4) Membantu menyerap vitamin yang diambil dengan lebih berkesan.
5) Memberi lebih tenaga pada tubuh badan.
6) Membantu menyelesaikan pelbagai masalah kesihatan.

Cara Penggunaannya
• Bancuh 1 peket Garam Buluh Hai-O dengan 450ml air (Ukuran cawan mug). 
Jika terasa terlalu masin, tambahkan sedikit air. 
(Campur sahaja Jus Sunquicksodap :)
• Sesuai dibancuh dengan semua jenis air kecuali air berkarbonat (Air bergas),minuman kordial & minuman keras.


• Bagi orang yg sihat 1 hingga 2 paket sehari.
• Bagi ahli sukan, 2 hingga 3 paket sehari.
• Bagi mereka yg menghidap DarahTinggiAsmaLelahSemputAngin AhmarMasalahTulangMasalahJantung & Masalah Buah Pinggang….1 paket sehari.
• Bagi penghidap Kencing manis, 2 hingga 3 paket sehari.

Harga : B$54 sekotak
Contact me @ 8657272

Monday, 25 November 2013

Premium Beautiful "Elegance" Series Corset - Full Details

Premium Beautiful Elegance Corset 
launching at 21st Anniversary Hai-O Marketing on 9 November 2013
with Product Ambassador Interntional Model Dani Maia from Brazil

 Premium Beautiful Elegance Corset Improve a beauty of woman by www.premiumbeautifulelegance.com

 Premium Beautiful Elegance Testimonial  Dani Maia Model Brazil

 Woman spend more money on beauty and health

 Premium Beautiful Elegance and body shaping

 How ? The beauty of shaping can be achieved using good quality body shapers

 Premium Beautiful Elegance Vision & Mission with Premium Beautiful Elegance Top Agent Group

Premium Beautiful Elegance Egronomics, Aesthetics and Improve Technology Design

Premium Beautiful recognizes the difference in body shapes by offering an ergonomically & aesthetically designed body shaper which allow every woman to take pride in their desired curves

Premium Beautiful Elegance with Far Infrared (F.I.R) technology on the fabric helps in effective slimming and increase metabolism  

 With Premium Beautiful Elegance Corset , you need no pill, medication, surgery, exercise and expensive therapy to look slimmer and curvy.

You will boost your confidence as it can safely promote smooth body curves by contouring unsightly fat to desired body parts.  

Premium Beautiful Elegance Corset Two Ways Body Shaping  

Premium Beautiful Elegance Corset Benefits.

Keistimewan Premium Beautiful Elegance Corset

Premium Beautiful Elegance Corset Brassiere (Coli)

Premium Beautiful Elegance Corset Brassiere 

Premium Beautiful Elegance Corset Waist Nipper

Premium Beautiful Elegance Long Girdle

Premium Beautiful Elegance Corset give benefit for every woman. 
My Body My Health. 

Premium Beautiful Price Promotion 
at Rm2288 per set.

Interested contact me @ 8657272

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

1st GLAM Brunei Team Training/Class

Alhamdulillah everything went well. 
Syukur ke hadrat Allah Subhanawataalla.

Sunday 17th Nov 2013, Mangrove Paradise Resort.
I arrived and parked my car at the resort around 10.30 am and surprisingly my side line Eleena arrived with CDM Maisarah & CDM Nurul after she fetched them from airport. Such a right timing.

While our leaders checked in to their room and getting ready, me, Eleena & her protege Ann sat at the restaurant waiting for them. Chit-chatting on business, life, gossiping hehehe 
When they arrived, they ordered lunch and more chit chat.

Done lunch, when in to the special room and set up the equipment. Class started around 2 pm.

The class begins with a brief introduction of Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd & G.L.A.M from Eleena as MC of the day to new comers. 

The class started with 1st topic - "Social Media Marketing" presented by CDM Nurul Aini.

Followed by 2nd topic - "Concept Of An Appointment" presented by CDM Maisarah Ibrahim. 

Before this 2nd topic started, CDM Mai done an Ice Breaking session where she wanted each an everyone of us to introduced our-self and why do this business.
Ice Breaking session on Eleena, my side line

With those 2 topics, I jotted down everything :)

After the session, we enjoying our Hi Tea and a surprise Birthday celebration to Eleena.
Happy 29th Birthday dear.

Lastly A MUST DO - Group Photo session :)

Brunei CDM in the making
Insya-allah with Allah's will.


Friday, 15 November 2013

Business Sharing & Hi Tea With CDM Maisarah & CDM Nurul Aini

As Salam Readers,
Is there anyone of you out there still searching for a online business, doing it either part time or full time, with low budget to start with ????

I have a good news to share. 
A business opportunity to be share and products review this coming Sunday 17th Nov & Monday 18th Nov.

From who ???
From our G.L.A.M. leaders CDM Maisarah Ibrahim & CDM Nurul Aini Ismail.
Where ??
Mangrove Paradise Resort, Muara

Time ??
1pm - 5pm

Any payment ???
Only $8 per pax 
(this is the charges for refreshment hi tea with them. Other than that all FREE) 

What do you have to do ?
Confirm your acceptance by watsapp/sms/msg me 
@ 8657272

Grab this opportunity !!!!

And who will be my next PROTEGE of GLAM Brunei ???