Saturday, 2 February 2013

900 calories with Premium Beautiful

Who wants to burn calories FAST ?????

Many ways to burn off our calories right !!!!!

How many calories burn within 30 minutes???
Jogging ==> 350 calories
Aerobic Hi Impact ==> 210 calories
Badminton ==> 175 calories
Swimming ==> 180 calories
Tennis ==> 210 calories

Guess how much calories burn when you wear Premium Beautiful corset ?
 in 30 minutes = 900 kidding!!!!!

Advisable to wear 8 hours a day

That means you burn 7200 calories a day

How is that ?
The Far Infra Red (F.I.R) in Premium Beautiful reacts toward water molecules inside our body through vibrations. While vibrating, energy will generate thus created heat which will improves blood circulation inside our body. Then the cells will be getting more active and increased the metabolism rate. 

FIR has a vast penetrating power. The light presents itself in the form of a gentle, radiant heat energy which can penetrate up to 3.5 inches beneath our skin. When the energy comes into contact with our body, it can increase your metabolism and burns your excess fat and calories.

There you go ladies ....

Lets wear Premium Beautiful :) 

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