Friday, 19 April 2013

Where To Find Me .....

Yuhooooooo, weekend is coming !!!!
Any plan? No where to go ?
But I'm FREE though hehehehe :)
Care to hear a Special Business Plan and be our NEXT "Junior Business Consultant" ???

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GLAM is base on online business so this sort of social media and internet are tools we all use to expand our group.
So come on and join us !!!

Monday, 15 April 2013

NEW "G.L.A.M." REVOLUTION - Now Everyone Can Do This Business

Assalamualaikum Semua,
Sorry for not updating this blog, quite busy and seems to be lots of things to be done pheeewwwww

Now I'm back and GOOD NEWS to be told :)

As per title above, every single one of you out there can do this business and be part of GLAM lead by our greatest leader and mentor CDM Hanis Haizi. In fact, after they came back from London/Paris trip, she and hubby CDM Raz introduced this NEW REVOLUTION.

This revolution is "A SPECIAL PLAN" specially created for undergraduate students, housewives, low income earners etc to have a chance to do a business, starting with low capital.

We are recruiting you as our "Junior Business Consultant" under GLAM !!!!!!

Why it called "Junior"?
1) All joiners to this package will be treated as our TRAINEE. We will train you until you become a good business consultant just like us....

2) The way you do this business will be totally different. Not the same as those who sign up with previous Marketing Plan.

We will train you to be focus on BUSINESS EXPANDING NOT SELLING....
We provide solution to those who wanted to do a business but problem on providing capital to start the business.

If YOU are one of them, here are the right SOLUTION for youuuuu :)
It's AFFORDABLE to everyone !!!!!


3) Why business consultant ???
 As stated in reason number 2, we provide solution to those wanted to start a business but problem on providing CAPITAL (modal) ...
Yes you still have to do the selling but at a very minimum those who says "I cannot or don't know how to do a selling"...well it's ADVISABLE you try this concept...Seriously WORTH TRYING :) 

Because income still can reach RM xxxx (4 digit) in just 5 months ....

What do you think ? Wanna try this special plan ? 
So call me @ 8657272 and I will explain the different between the previous PLAN A & PLAN B to this SPECIAL PLAN.

Still blank and don't understand how this SPECIAL PLAN goes ???

Here goes :
Start ~ Small capital/modal (about rm 3,000), invest only ONCE in your life time. 
~ Have to do selling 1 - 2 sets only

Start ~ Big capital/modal (exceed rm 10,000), invest only ONCE in your life time.
~ Have to do selling more than 5 sets

When using NEW PLAN confirmed you can get as below same as those started with OLD PLAN :
1) higher return in your monthly bonus / incentives
2) free trip 3 times per year

Your 1st rm 10,000 bonus sure can achieve end of this year. Seriously !!!

Those using OLD PLAN can achieved this bonus within 6 month since they starting with big capital/modal. So its understandable by using NEW PLAN, small capital/modal, invest one time only, no turnaround capital for each month .... but still can achieve your dream income within 1 year !!

Capital/modal not exceed rm 3,000 but still you can have the benefits.

What is your CHOICE now ???
Buying any gadgets with the same amount of $$$ 
(get gadgets, $$$ gone) 
use that $$$ as capital/modal to start a business under GLAM 
(invest then $$$ will roll back as bonus/incentives increasing each month).

I hope above information & my explanation is CLEAR.
To those who I have briefly presented the OLD PLAN and still have the urge to do a business but problem on capital ..... do call me back and we can discuss on this NEW PLAN.

Hear you soon all.