Sunday, 19 May 2013

Which SHAPE are YOU ?

Hello Ladies,
You see picture above.... which shape are you ???

The reason I made this post is because some of you still don't understand why we need you to provide us your body measurement before purchasing Premium Beautiful corset. Even-though we are the same species aka WOMEN that doesn't meant we have the same shape and sizes right !!!

Some of you seems like reluctant to provide measurement, simply giving me details 
~ like my bra size n cup example : 36B, 40C ... 
~ or my jeans size 32, 28 .... 
~ or my weight 50kg, 75kg .....
~ or my T-shirt size M, L, XL ...

With this details I'm unable to calculate to get the right PB size. 

So ladies, what you can do is :
1) set a date & time. We can meet up so I can personally take your measurement.
2) ask your siblings/spouse to measure for you.
3) ask your tailor to measure for you.

Alright ladies, hear you soon and don't hesitate to ask if still not clear :)

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