Monday, 29 July 2013

Daily Intake With Bamboo Salt/Garam Buluh

As Salam Semua,
Since the company has introduced a few products base on Bamboo Salt/Garam Buluh, I managed to try it out. 
Semua ada dari consuming it (internal) to external use.
I've tried it, you should too :) Banyak yang dah tau kan kebaikan Garam Buluh ni. So cuba la jgn tah cuba.

Ada banyak cara nak consume Garam Buluh ni :

(1) Bamboo Salt / Garam Buluh Premier Drink
To be taken daily. 
Once or twice (day & night) for normal people. 
Just add a sachet into plain water or any water that is sour and drink as usual.

Good for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, cancer etc.
Also recommended to those coughing, sore throat, flu and coughing with phlegm (berkahak).

For children, just add a little amount into their milk or drinks.

(2) Bamboo Salt / Garam Buluh 
Premier Cooking Powder
Yang ni just campurkan ke dalam your daily cooking. 
Rasa tetap sama like the normal salt.
Instead of using normal/chemical salt, use bamboo salt/garam buluh and get more benefits for your HEALTH.

Yang ni just campurkan ke dalam your daily cooking. Rasa tetap sama like the normal salt.

(3) Bamboo Salt / Garam Buluh Mineral Coffee

This is my favourite cos I love coffee so much.

The easiest and cheapest way to get the benefits of Bamboo Salt / Garam Buluh in your daily intake.

It tastes good, yummy and really nice aroma.

Sapa2 yang suka coffee, you should try this. I bet you gonna love it too :)

There you go 3 easy ways !!!

Change NOW !!! From normal/chemical salt to organic/beneficial salt.

Untuk kegunaan luar pulak EXTERNAL USE :

(1) Marine Essence Beauty Bar

(2) Marine Essence Bamboo Salt Nourishing Shampoo or Body Wash

(3) Marine Essence Bamboo Salt Tooth Paste

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