Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Bio Velocity Sleep Mate - The Explanation Details

Why do we need to own this BV Sleep Mate ? Is it a need ? Buying a gadget more than B$500 above we don't even feel its expensive ? How about if we switch our mindset and buy something worth especially for your HEALTH. This product is not an ordinary mate for covering your bed. You can even buy this as a gift for your love one for healing/curing their health.

This sleep mate has proven & works 100% to cure Stroke, Insomnia , High Blood Pressure, Headache, Period Pain, Cramp, Asthma, Muscle Pain, Gastric, Back Pain etc

With an affordable price which can be bought for our parents or love ones as SPECIAL GIFT comparing all those medical bills and medication.

This is the cheapest and its only cost B$537
Affordable right !!!!

Human Energy Field
The sun is the energy source that drives all life on earth. thing is being a vibrant life, atoms and electrons in the body we produce a flow of energy field in which it provides sufficient energy for the body cells work at a optimal. In other words, energy is the life force and it is a source of health and human spirit.
Energy balance is based on the existence of the energy patterns in and around the body that forms a matrix that is used by the body to keep it in a "healthy". Human energy field designed to maintain health. cells of the body communicate with each other through the waves (frequency) unique to each person. All tissues such as skin, liver, bone and other organs have the energy and resonates on its own frequency. Bioresonans means to distribute all the necessary frequency for stimulation andcoordination of the final organism.
However, modernization has now led to the deterioration of the human energy field dramatically. Lifestyle full of stress, widespread use of electronic devices, pollution, poor diet, poor lifestyle and smoked toxins has brought imbalance frequency electromagnetic or energy field. With this, energy restriction produced thereby disrupt the flow of energy or life force main.Chronic health problems from arising and to make it difficult for the body heal itself.
Sleep Quality
Human beings spend a third of their time in bed, therefore, the quality of sleep and rest is essential to our well-being. It is important for physical and mental health, and to optimize our daily functions. What is quality sleep? Quality sleep means having enough rest period and depth that enables a person to develop and realize after fresh after developing and fresh all day. 
During the rest of our body, every cell of the body will be updated and released, repair work on injuries and diseases will be conducted; activities of our brain that control emotions, decision-making processes and social interaction is stopped, allowing us to maintain emotional and functional social-optimum function while we build. Sleep also strengthens the mind and consciousness, allowing us to feel more energetic and physically awake. It also improves memory and learning ability; reduce stress, anxiety and worry. Sleep quality care for our heart health and reduce the risk of depression.
Sleep Mate BV
You can restore balance and health by using the healing power of Sleep Mate BV. These mattress pads are specially made to suit your individual needs. BV Sleep Mate helps correct frequency disharmony, neutralize harmful waves while strengthening the positive wave form in an organism healthy aura. By influencing the flow of energy, we can nourish the body with achieving optimal health, balance and enhance the overall activity of the body and mind. When you wake up, you feel more alert and energetic. In the long-term use, it is beneficial to the body where it can maintain our health, boost the immune system and also the quality of life.
Clinical trials show that there is an increased energy level over a significant subjects after using the Sleep Mate BV
1. Improve metabolism 
2. Activate cell functions 
3. Promote blood circulation 
4. Enhance immune and improving the immune system 
5. Increase the level of energy field 
6. Stabilize mood, reduce stress and pressure 
7. Restore power, repair and activate cells in the body 
8. Enthusiastic and energetic 
9. Enhance the natural healing ability of 
10. Balancing and harmonizing the physical functions 
11. Relieve fatigue and pain 
12. Stimulate and coordinate the autonomic nervous system 
13. Promotes heart function 
14. Promotes healthy sleep and quality
Relieve headaches, menstrual pain, abdominal pain, eliminate muscle pain, gastric pain relief, relieve back pain, help neck stiffness, relieve numbness
Sleep Mate BV can be washed once a year. Use a detergent for washing organic fabrics with a soft hand and dried in the sun. Suggested wash the affected area only dirt.
Open and place the Sleep Mate BV on mattresses. Put four elastic straps at each corner of the mattress.

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