Tuesday, 19 November 2013

1st GLAM Brunei Team Training/Class

Alhamdulillah everything went well. 
Syukur ke hadrat Allah Subhanawataalla.

Sunday 17th Nov 2013, Mangrove Paradise Resort.
I arrived and parked my car at the resort around 10.30 am and surprisingly my side line Eleena arrived with CDM Maisarah & CDM Nurul after she fetched them from airport. Such a right timing.

While our leaders checked in to their room and getting ready, me, Eleena & her protege Ann sat at the restaurant waiting for them. Chit-chatting on business, life, gossiping hehehe 
When they arrived, they ordered lunch and more chit chat.

Done lunch, when in to the special room and set up the equipment. Class started around 2 pm.

The class begins with a brief introduction of Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd & G.L.A.M from Eleena as MC of the day to new comers. 

The class started with 1st topic - "Social Media Marketing" presented by CDM Nurul Aini.

Followed by 2nd topic - "Concept Of An Appointment" presented by CDM Maisarah Ibrahim. 

Before this 2nd topic started, CDM Mai done an Ice Breaking session where she wanted each an everyone of us to introduced our-self and why do this business.
Ice Breaking session on Eleena, my side line

With those 2 topics, I jotted down everything :)

After the session, we enjoying our Hi Tea and a surprise Birthday celebration to Eleena.
Happy 29th Birthday dear.

Lastly A MUST DO - Group Photo session :)

Brunei CDM in the making
Insya-allah with Allah's will.


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