Thursday, 7 November 2013

GLAM Brunei...Go! Go! Go!

Assalamualaikum Readers,
Sorry for not updating my blog cos honestly after this event happened I was totally busy entertaining queries about GLAM BRUNEI, beside that I'm also busy with my work at the office and my duty as MOM hehehe.

Here is the story ....

On Thursday 24/10/2013, founder of Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (G.L.A.M), our CDM Hanis Haizi with her husband CDM Razali Zain came to Brunei. Tagged along Hanis's protege DDM Ajue Rashid.

Venue was held at a house somewhere Batu Satu, Jalan Tutong. Thank you to the house owner for her hospitality :) 

Why they came ???
Well, CDM Hanis Haizi is giving a Business Preview to Bruneian since GLAM has already registered a few agents under its wing. Now officially called Glam Brunei. 

The programmes that night.

Here is our CDMs & host/MC
L-R : CDM Raz, CDM Hanis & Pg Hjh Zarina

Info sharing on Premium Beautiful Corset by DDM Ajue Rashid. 

Here are info sharing on Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) by CDM Raz.

Some of the attendees that night. That's me further down hehehe

Me & my friends - Hairul & Salina
Thank you for coming guys.

This is when I was told to do a SHARING SESSION as being TOP Agent In Brunei. Really a nervous wreck :P

We "GLAM Brunei" with CDM Hanis

Before we wrapped up, a group photo is a MUST .

LET'S ROCK !!!!!

Wanna be part of US - GLAM Brunei
Contact me @ 8657272 

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