Wednesday, 31 December 2014


This is the last day of 2014. 
What can I say about 2014, I'm neither happy or sad.
I'm just going with the flow cos I wouldn't bother much as I don't want to polluted my mind.
But most memorable was having my 2nd FREE TRIP doing online business with Hai O to Shanghai China with GLAMpreneurs and GLAM Brunei sisters.

Aaahhhh yes 2015.
What is my expectation in 2015 ?

Work-wise : 
Since re-organisation, my section has joined into AED department with new "supervisors" and "lead" I hope there is a progression and upgrade hehehe.

Health-wise :
Aerobic or any form of exercise is a MUST. 
Need to lose more weight as I want to be on the IDEAL weight scale for my height which is about 52-54 kg.

Relationship :
I just go with the flow. 
Whatever the outcome, aku terima aje.


As a Bruneian, I can only pray and memohon kepadaNya semoga bencana alam yang menimpa our neighbour country Malaysia especially Terengganu, Kelantan and Pahang akan berakhir soon and diberi segala kebaikan di dalam tahun 2015.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Takziah / Condolence - AirAsia QZ8501

Takziah di ucapkan kepada semua keluarga penumpang2 dan crew2 kapal AirAsia QZ8501. 
Saw the latest news today that debris of the plane has been found and yang sangat menyedihkan lagi sebahagian jenazah penumpang2 sudah dijumpai. Hopefully dengan kuasa Allah SWT dan izinnya jua semoga semua penumpang2 dapat dijumpai. Its a relieved jua cos at least ada something di jumpai not like MH370 until now still a mystery. Sekali lagi semoga ahli keluarga2 mangsa dapat bersabar dan redha dengan apa yang terjadi. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014


Sorry readers, lama tak update my blog.
Lots of thing going on. 
Kat office our department RE-ORGANISED lagi. Pening- pening dengan new bosses.
My daily life macam biasa dengan hal anak-anak yang nak exam etc etc.

In sha Allah will keep on updating soon.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Day 4 - Shanghai China With GLAM - Yellow Theme

Our final day kat Shanghai :(

Wake up call @ 4.30am
Luggage down at lobby at 5.45am
Had breakfast then off to airport.
Saying Good Bye to our tour guide Jerry.

Semua GLAMpreneur happy. Nak jumpa semua family :)

For us Glam Brunei, sampai KLIA , tunggu next flight lagi baru balik Brunei. Before that, kita lepak2 and borak2 dgn our CDM Nurul before her hubby fetched her. 
Ready to go home. Miss my children so much.

Arrived Brunei airport around 11pm. 
STL transport already waiting for me so 1 and half hour trip lagi baru sampai rumah.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Day 3 - Shanghai China With GLAM - Gala Dinner - Part 2

Continuation from previous post.

Evening event on Day 3 -
Gala Dinner at our Radisson Hotel.
Tengok gambar aje ok :)

One of the speaker that night our dearest CDM Nurul Aini.

I didn't took a lot of photo during the event. Lepas event baru banyak gambar kita posing2 hehehe

Here group kita melaram berposing entah apa2 kat lobby hotel.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Day 3 - Shanghai China With GLAM - Blue Theme - Part 1

Wore BLUE baju today.
After breakfast, we had some spare time bergambar depan hotel before starting our agenda today. 
So windy and cold.

Off we go.
Destination No.1 - 
Tianmai Jade Jewelry Expo Center
After a brief tour around the area then we had a talk on jade stone by the so called expert on Jade - the BOSS (lupa his name). He's got Australian slang ok. 
The funny thing is he kept "tee-up" himself hahahaha

Fruit vendors outside the center

Before leaving, photo session.

Destination No.2 - Lunch.

The interior of this halal restaurant.  

Our team with "papa" syukran hehehe
I enjoyed the food and I love the environment. 
The most I love was the one the top plate. Its a sweet potato dipped in sugar caramel and covered with cereal cornflakes. Nyamannn .... Sodappp :)

Trying their skill.

Destination No.3 -
Old City and its shopping time. 
Entrance to the Old City.

Lots of direction ...

Nice isn't it.
This is where I really feels like I'm in China
Chinese puppet show.

Destination No.4 -
Nanjing Road. 
Shopping heaven but we were only given 1 n half hour to do our shopping :(
Need to rush back to hotel as we have Gala Dinner.

To be continue for Part 2 - Gala Dinner