Wednesday, 22 January 2014

1st Hai O Brunei Distributor Orientation

As Salam my loyal readers,
Sorry for late on uploading about this event. Quite busy with all customers order since we have 3 + 1 promotion on Bio Velocity Sleep Mate. Selling like hot cakes hehehe

Anyhow, the event programmes as shown below :

During registration, we filled up one form and was given door gift. Then we sat together with other GLAM Brunei Team.

Here our GLAM Leaders : DDMs & CDMs
Both on the right is my direct leaders CDM Nurul Aini & CDM Maisarah Ibrahim

I love this guys. His name CDM Kelvin Yap. He an expertise on Bio Velocity Sleep Mate. He was so energetic. Great aura hehehe

One of the awaited event coming soon in May. RECOGNITION NIGHT

Group Photo with other team and Hai O Managing Director

And of course our G.L.A.M Brunei team. This only part of the team, some couldn't make it.

Me, CDM Nurul Aini & one of my downline Salina. 

Dalam lift pun kami bergambar hehehe
This is how HAPPY we are.

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