Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Business Sharing @ Airport Restaurant 9/2/2014

As Salam Readers,
Last weekend was great. Event went well, everything turned out great. GLAM Brunei Team is blessed to have a committed leaders, walaupun berjauhan but still turun padang nak coach and assist tuk kembangkan business GLAM Brunei. So greatful and syukur ke hadrat Allah SWT.

Agenda that day begin with :
1) CDM Nurul introduction, welcoming speech and updates info from the company like promotion rebate sales etc to those who came that day. 

2) Followed by DDM Shuhada to brief on Premium Beautiful corset. Its function and benefits.

3) Session on how to get the correct way to measure body parts & calculation to get the right Premium Beautiful size for customers.

4) Last but not least, CDM Nurul explain on new version of Marketing Plan prepared by our GLAM Founder CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Razali Zain.

Before we end the event, a must do is GROUP PHOTO.

Here me and my Business partners, Salina & Hairul.
Another member not in photo that is Qamariah.

And here with my sideline Eleena.

This event end around 4pm, as our leader CDM Nurul & DDM Shuhada has to catch flight back to KL :( :(
See you again next time leaders.
And now its a WRAPPED !!!
Drive back home with "SEMANGAT" & "AZAM" to achieve the incentive trips to Shanghai .....

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