Tuesday, 22 April 2014

JTX Air Tracker - 2014 New Product

This is another NEW PRODUCT from Hai O Marketing launched this month.

Let me briefly explained on the function and what is JTX Air Tracker.

JTX Air Tracker transforms the air molecules into extremely smaller molecular structures. Therefore the refined fuel can be burned more completely and optimally

It allows the engine to give its best performance with smoother piston movements which results in fuel savings for an equal performance.

Besides, it also helps prolong the lifespan of the engine parts.

JTX Air Tracker is not only invented for fuel savings, it also helps contribute to a greener environment

Fully burned fuel emits less carbon monoxide which eventually reduces carbon emission.

Now what are the benefits of JTX Air Tracker?
  • Improve engine performance
  • Reduce carbon monoxide emission
  • save fuel consumption
  • Reduce sludge inside engine
  • Improve fuel burning
  • Engine runs smoothly, less noise
  • Reduce raising temperature of engine
  • Prolonged lifespan of engine and the parts

The Usage :

Car :  < 1,599 cc - use 3 pcs JTX stickers

Car : 1,600 cc to 2,999 cc - use 6 pcs JTX stickers

Car : more than 3,000 cc - use 9 pcs JTX stickers

The effect of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide emission after usage of JTX Air Tracker :

Carbon Dioxide ~
After 30 minutes : 21% reduction of emission
After 150 minutes : 56% reduction of emission

Carbon Monoxide ~
After 30 minutes : 60% reduction of emission
After 150 minutes : 87% reduction of emission

Price :
1 set - 3 pieces = rm 296 / B$120
2 set - 6 pieces = rm 550 / B$220

To order :
Contact me Forziah Abu Bakar

Demonstation JTX Air Tracker on BMW 2.0 Liter (2,000 cc) and Toyota Vios 1.6 Liter (1,600 cc) by CDM Syukran Helmi.

BMW 2.0 Liter (2,000cc) ~ used 6 pcs stickers (2 set)

Ekzos tidak panas selepas 20 minit enjin dihidupkan . Pembakaran bahan bakar lengkap.Terbukti  BMW 

2nd Testimonial JTX Airtracker Toyota Vios 1.6 Liter 

Use 3 pcs stickers Air Tracker untuk enjin 1.6liter (1600cc)

Child Approved test after 20 minuted for JTX Airtracker Toyota Vios

Enjin bersih dari mendapan karbon

Perodua Alza and JTX Airtracker

Testimoni penjimatan minyak JTX Airtracker dari KL ke Ipoh Toyota Estima 3.0 Liter

Ujian kebekersanan oleh DR. Shanmuram MRSC (UK), DBA (Env Mngt) bagi menentukan tahap kepekatan Karbon Dioksida (CO2) dan Karbon Monoksida (CO) dan dikeluarkan.

CO emission reduce by 60% by JTX Airtracker

CO2 emission reduce by 21% by JTX Airtracker

Our CDM Shukran Helmi

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