Sunday, 8 June 2014

Recognition Night - 24th May 2014 @ Empire Hotel - Part 1

Assalamualaikum my dearest readers,
At last the day that i have waited for has ended with lots of sweet memories.

The day begin with my biz partner Salina fetched me from home and on our way to Empire Hotel. Weather not so good :( Hujan lebat. Once sampai Empire we went to meet our leaders at the Lagoon.

Once semua dah ready then we moved to Indera Samudera Hall around 6.30pm.
Done registration.
Done collect door gift.
Took lots of photos with GLAM Team & of course with our beloved Leaders.

Finished chit chat di luar hall now masuk main hall. 
Again more photos before event started hehehe

 The programmes that night started from :
7.00pm - 7.05pm :
Welcoming speech

7.05pm - 7.10pm :
Singing Hai O Perjuanganku song

7.10pm - 7.20pm :
Recital of Doa

7.20pm - 7.30pm :
Speech by Mr. Teoh Nee Siang  

7.30pm - 7.50pm :
Dinner is serve

7.50pm - 8.00pm :

8.00pm - 8.30pm :
Sales Manager (SM) award prsentation - Session 1

8.30pm - 8.40 pm :

8.40pm - 9.10pm :
Sales Manager (SM) award prsentation - Session 2

9.10pm - 9.25pm :
Success story shared by CDM Noor Hafsah Binti Sulaiman

9.25pm - 945pm :
Senior Sales Manager (SSM) award prsentation

9.45pm - 9.50pm :

9.50pm - 10.05pm :
Diamond Sales Manager (DSM) award presentation

10.05pm - 10.10pm : 

10.10pm - 10.20pm :
Double Diamond Manager (DDM) & Car Fund award presentation

10.20pm - 10.35pm :
Sucess story shared by CDM Himesadeja Binti Adenan @ Adinin

10.35pm - 11.00pm :
Lucky draws

11.30pm :
Event ended

Menu that night not too bad though

For myself, I'll be receiving this 2 awards : SM & SSM

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