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5 Myths About Premium Beautiful You Should Know

Copied this post from CDM Hanis Haizi.
Got this kind of feedback too from a few clients/customers on Premium Beautiful corset. 
Can't help it and felt I need to post this to in my blog.
So here goes :

Salam wbt,
I've been thinking about to write this post for a very long time, it surprised me just how many women out there who still have the wrong impression about Premium Beautiful and what it's all about even though Premium Beautiful has been around for more than 20 years in the market.

So in this brief post, I will try to tackle and debunk a few myths surrounding Premium Beautiful.

Myth No.5 ~ Premium Beautiful is too tight / uncomforatble to wear.
This is a common misconception about Premium Beautiful that it has to be worn very thight in order for it to work! In fact this is also the number 1 reason as to why many women are afraid to even think of trying it!

Premium Beautiful when measured correctly and fitted by trained agents (such as GLAMpreneurs) would prove to be very comfortable. In fact Premium Beautiful is actually designed for comfort while maintaining its purpose as a "body shaper".

So why do most people "think" it's uncomfortable ?
Well, like most things that we are not familiar with, wearing something close to the body could prove "uncomfortable" for some but certainly NOT all. And once, we get used to wearing it, it will no longer feel strange :)

My view : 
Masa baru2 ku pakai Premium Beautiful memang la rasa ketat, I admitted but hey barang baru kan and kebaruan of course la then udah a week or so, ok tia felt macam biasa and really selesa.

Myth No.4 ~ Why I did not lose weight after wearing Premium Beautiful ?
Another common misconception about PB is that one must lose weight after wearing it. This is hardly the case, although there are numerous of testimonies out there that share the positive result. Losing weight is just one of them.

There are many more health benefits beside getting your ideal weight, how about correct posture ? re-positioning the shape of your breast ? When it comes to total body shaping and health benefits. Premium Beautiful is the BEST because it combines the benefits of Far Infrared Ray (F.I.R)

My view :
I lost a few kilos :)
And paling suka it straighten my posture, selalu membongkok while driving or dapan pc. Now jadi kebiasan dah duduk straight.

Myth No.3 ~ Premium Beautiful is for FAT PEOPLE
This to me is funny and has been with misunderstood reason for a very long time. Premium Beautiful is NOT only for people with over-weight issues, it can also help women with under weight issues. Yes, its for skinny people too, In fact Premium Beautiful help you to achieve an ideal body weight and correct your body posture.

Myth No.2 ~ Premium Beautiful is EXPENSIVE !!!
Really ? No, I don't think so. 
If you think rm2400 (about B$960) is expensive to splurge on a miracle corset, think again. Our Premium Beautiful has "Life Time Warranty". So if you only need just 1 pair for the rest of your life, do you think it is expensive ? No right.

On average, how much do we spend on bra on yearly basis ? More than 10 pieces. If you do the maths, you probably know which one will SAVE more MONEY.

My view :
Masa kana bagitau harga, kekajutan jua la ah. But udah di compare dengan kiraan pembelian bra and panty, logik jua. Once koyak kah apa buang saja and bali lagi baru. Sedangkan Premium Beautiful ada warranty, if rosak antar saja for repair, FREE OF CHARGE and really tahan for long time. Honestly my PB udah 2 kali repair. So memang JIMAT $$$

Myth No.1 ~ Premium Beautiful PANAS !!!
Panas ke ??? #AkuYangPakaiKoYangPanas LOL :)
Before this I also have the same problem with the NORMAL corsets out there. No doubt most corset in the market usually make you feel very hot. But NOT with Premium Beautiful.

This is because Premium Beautiful is made from "Akwatek" and "Akwadyne" material.

Aqua what ?

taken from Textile Trends
Current trends in fabrics and apparel that provide comfort, manage moisture, and are lightweight and flexible. But, more is being expected of fabrics. antimicrobial technology continues it's strong growth toward becoming an "expected" performance characteristic. Stain resistance/repellency is also gaining in popularity in some categories. Other value-added properties such as UV protection Environmentally sensitive fibers and fabrics also continue strong, with the use of more natural fibers and fiber blends, including bamboo, as well as driving the development of plant-based polymers such as Ingeo, Dupont's Sorona and fibers made from soy.

: Technologies allow fabrics to thermoregulate such as Akwatek/Akwadyne and Outlast, control the atmosphere next to the skin, controlling temperature and comfort.

: Fashion, style, shilouettes and color elements continue to create interest with consumers. The hand or feel of fabrics is toward soft and comfortable. Fabrics with stretch provide both comfort and look. Compression fabrics remain popular as a performance enhancement. The development of advanced fibers such as Holofiber have also shown as positive effect on the recovery of the body from exertion, improving circulation and oxygenation of the skin.

: Advances in construction include seamless knitting and welded & glued seams which reduce a garment's weight, provide added protection from wind and rain, and enhance comfort. Advancements in fabric construction include developments of a "new" fleece product such as those produced by Concept III International.

My view :
Before bali PB, yes I have tried lots of brand. Ada-ada saja la kurang memeuaskan masa pakai. Rasa sanak, rimas and PANAS. Masa pakai memang ku rasa nda selesa, berpaluh-paluh and pakal saja kan berlawa yatah tahan saja. Once habis function, balik rumah apa lagi lakas-lakas tah di buka. If kan pakai lagi memang ku berpikir 2 3 tu. Last-lastnya jadi perhiasan di dalam almari.
But for Premium Beautiful. all those feelings alhamdullillah nada. I even wear it masa AEROBIC, full set ah. Honestly, siuk rasanya cos during workout nda terasa "bouncing" you know what i mean. Really selesa and mcm nada yang menghalang even with aggresive movement mcm berZumba la tu hehehe

So to all my readers out there, Premium Beautiful memang the BEST corset EVER and WORTH BUYING.

C'mon apa tunggu lagi grab a set now.
WA me 8657272

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