Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Day 1 - Shanghai China With GLAM - Green Theme - Part 2

Here goes :
Depart KLIA 5.15am, 5 hours later arrived Pu Dong Shanghai airport at about 10.15am.
Gabungan "GLAM Brunei", "GLAM Singapore" & "GLAM Malaysia".
International kan. We don't know each other but here we are like sisters hehehe



Me :)

Load our luggage into our bus and there we were introduced to our tour guide named "Jerry".
We seated at the last row (at the back) hehehe macam budak sekolah yang nakal kan. 
Our team sentiasa bersama CDM Syukran, our "papa" :)

1st destination -  Lunch.
On our way to our 1st halal restaurant, took some photos on the scenery. Buildingnya some looks like in China, some macam in western countries.

Arrived at this halal restaurant around 1.15pm. Sorry nda tau namanya.

Our food.
This skewer is tooo spicy for me.

This is unique. It's sweet corn kernel with flour. We called it Pizza Jagung - sukahati saja kami bagi nama.

Happy faces since perut dah kenyang.
CDM Hanis decided to join us hahaha
I didn't realized it though :) 

The guys on .... god knows sapa punya basikal
Main hentam saja drg ani just for photoshoot...
Memang gila-gila hehehe

Continue next post cos day 1 really banyak photos.

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