Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Day 1 - Shanghai China With GLAM - Green Theme - Part 3

Sambung lagi.

2nd destination - Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower.
Lawa colornya "Pink".
Total height of this buiding is 468 meters.

Inside the building, I only took photo of this chinese lantern and this display cabinet.

And this is the queue. Lots of people especially tourists and not forgetting the locals. Below are cafes and shops.

Long queue because we have to take turn using the lift to go to the "Transparent Observatory" - 259 meters
This the view. Amazing isn't it.

And here is the transparent glass where you can stroll in air. 
Geli rasanya ohhhhhh
CDM Syukran & Eleena

Me with scary feeling .... takut pacah bah

CDM Nurul - hanya mampu duduk kat tepi

Look below, nampak kecik kan 

After this, we went for early dinner. On the way, saw this Yellow Ferrari passed our bus. Chantek :)
Since luan lapar dah so nda lagi terambil gambar, only this 1 photo saja.

After dinner, baru la we check-in to our hotel called Radisson Hotel.
This is my room. No.766
The best thing is I have it all for myself cos my room-mate nda jadi ikut this trip. This room-mate is not from GLAM Brunei ok but Malaysian. She is not feeling well. Been informed awal dah by our tour leader Zara. Otherwise sesi berkenalan kami hehehe

After mandi, we went out for awhile just to see around the hotel and we jumpa ==> Carrefour. 
Bought some drinks for stock di bilik hotel.

And this car, displaying sport shoes. Cuci mata saja la.

Back hotel and zzzzzzzzz 
Nite nite !!!

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