Friday, 3 October 2014

Day 1 - Shanghai China With GLAM - Green Theme - Part 1

As Salam Readers,
Just wanted to share how my journey to Shanghai, China with G.L.A.M. began. This is my second FREE TRIP.

It started from Brunei, 4 of us "Glam Brunei" team assembled at Brunei International Airport. Our departure time is 6.20pm and arrived KLIA around 8.20pm. 
Eleena, Salfa & Me. 

There we met our beautiful leader CDM Nurul. Sengaja she come early to airport just to meet and lepak with us before catching our next flight to Shanghai. 

Oh lupa bagitau that masa kami di Brunei sudah kana informed that our flight to Shanghai delay which suppose kami bergumpul at KLIA at 10.40pm and depart at 1.40am. Then kena tukar, we have to assemble at 2.15am and depart at 5.15am. Sedih kan and you can imagine after we arrived KLIA and we will hang out there for about 9 hours. But ..... instead of hanging out di KLIA saja, we decided to go to our GLAM team Yani's house which dekat dengan KLIA. 
There kami rehat, makan-makan and chit-chat. Around 2am, Yani and husband send us off to KLIA.

Here are photos of our GLAM team during assemble time and before departure.
Here CDM Maisarah sending off her hubby CDM Syukran.

Our 5 hours journey began. Time to sleep hehehe really mengantok ok.

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