Sunday, 12 October 2014

Day 2 - Shanghai China - Red Theme (Part 2)

continued from Day 2 - Part 1

After lunch, we stopped at Xiao Tao Yuan Masjed to pray.

This tea set is for sale. Displayed at the lobby near the main entrance.

Next to A.P Plaza for shopping.
Didn't took any photos cos we were busy searching for Chinese costume for Gala dinner. I bought mine here but some of us didn't cos nothing suit their taste.

Last destination of the day, we went for Cruise along Huangpu  River.

Love the scenery.
This tower can change its color to blue, green, pink etc. 
Above shows it's in green and GLAM is GREEN team hehehe

Modern building, not sure what building is this.

GLAM lelaki hmmmm "ber-ulah"

Really tiring day. 
No dinner was arrange that night since we need to queue up early for the cruise but the good thing was the company Hai O gave us 50 yuan to buy our own dinner yeayyyy

Zara our tour leader, awal2 dah bagi ang pow dalam bus.
She gave us awal2 before our trip today 
(hehe sorry lupa cerita d post Day 2 Part 1)

With that money all of us agreed to "tapau" makanan saja. So masa cruise our tour guide Jerry already arranged it. Once habis cruise, we went to restaurant to collect. On our way there, we have sharing session on 1st time qualify for Hai O free trip. For Brunei team, CDM Hanis only called up Eleena. For Nonie & Salfa safe la kamu dari nervous hehehe

Ni la makanan yang kita tapau - Nasi Goreng + Ayam + Telor
Taste - tawar :(
But since udah lapar makan saja la. Back to hotel sambung lagi makan maggi.

THE END of Day 2

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