Friday, 10 October 2014

Day 2 - Shanghai China With GLAM - Red Theme (Part 1)

Day 2
Start our day with breakfast then off we go for sight-seeing.

1st destination - The Bund

Eleena got the chance to show her yoga skill :)

Look at this photos, do we look like we are in China or in Europe country ???

Group photo is a MUST ...

We move on to destination No.2 - Tian Hou Silk Factory

After entering the main entrance, we gathered around to hear out the process from lava to caccoon to string of silk.

This is where 7-8 caccoons' string of silk combine into 1 to make it more stronger.

There is another process though but didn't take any photos.
Then it is stretch into this with hundred n hundred layers to form 1 blanket.
Soooo soft, nyaman tidur ni....

Ready packed silk blanket. 
See that board. It stated the size (single, double,king) and price.

Display here sample and they do sell too.

Next agenda - lunch.
After lunch this 2 ladies still munching hehehe 
We bought Lamb Puff for 5 Yuan about B$1.00 per piece
I bought 4pcs. Nda menyasal cos big piece. And yang penting  Nyamannnn :)

To be continued next post....

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