Wednesday, 31 December 2014


This is the last day of 2014. 
What can I say about 2014, I'm neither happy or sad.
I'm just going with the flow cos I wouldn't bother much as I don't want to polluted my mind.
But most memorable was having my 2nd FREE TRIP doing online business with Hai O to Shanghai China with GLAMpreneurs and GLAM Brunei sisters.

Aaahhhh yes 2015.
What is my expectation in 2015 ?

Work-wise : 
Since re-organisation, my section has joined into AED department with new "supervisors" and "lead" I hope there is a progression and upgrade hehehe.

Health-wise :
Aerobic or any form of exercise is a MUST. 
Need to lose more weight as I want to be on the IDEAL weight scale for my height which is about 52-54 kg.

Relationship :
I just go with the flow. 
Whatever the outcome, aku terima aje.


As a Bruneian, I can only pray and memohon kepadaNya semoga bencana alam yang menimpa our neighbour country Malaysia especially Terengganu, Kelantan and Pahang akan berakhir soon and diberi segala kebaikan di dalam tahun 2015.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Takziah / Condolence - AirAsia QZ8501

Takziah di ucapkan kepada semua keluarga penumpang2 dan crew2 kapal AirAsia QZ8501. 
Saw the latest news today that debris of the plane has been found and yang sangat menyedihkan lagi sebahagian jenazah penumpang2 sudah dijumpai. Hopefully dengan kuasa Allah SWT dan izinnya jua semoga semua penumpang2 dapat dijumpai. Its a relieved jua cos at least ada something di jumpai not like MH370 until now still a mystery. Sekali lagi semoga ahli keluarga2 mangsa dapat bersabar dan redha dengan apa yang terjadi.