Wednesday, 31 December 2014


This is the last day of 2014. 
What can I say about 2014, I'm neither happy or sad.
I'm just going with the flow cos I wouldn't bother much as I don't want to polluted my mind.
But most memorable was having my 2nd FREE TRIP doing online business with Hai O to Shanghai China with GLAMpreneurs and GLAM Brunei sisters.

Aaahhhh yes 2015.
What is my expectation in 2015 ?

Work-wise : 
Since re-organisation, my section has joined into AED department with new "supervisors" and "lead" I hope there is a progression and upgrade hehehe.

Health-wise :
Aerobic or any form of exercise is a MUST. 
Need to lose more weight as I want to be on the IDEAL weight scale for my height which is about 52-54 kg.

Relationship :
I just go with the flow. 
Whatever the outcome, aku terima aje.

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