Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Hurry Hurry Before Promotion Ends

As Salam Readers,
Below items will end it's promotion soon.
So hurry grab it now.
All price given below is Member's price.
I'm being generous here :)

Buy any 6 variants 
2 Product Bags
1 unit Cozuma Festivo Eyes & Cheeks Palette
Price from B$297 

Buy 5 FREE 1
Price : B$129

Bio Cleanz Multi Purpose Spray
Buy 4 FREE 1
Price : B$50

Bio Cleanz Multi Purpose Cleaner Concerntrated
Buy 3 FREE 1
Price : B$82

Buy 4 FREE 1 + 1 Product Bag
Price : B$264

Buy 3 FREE 1
Price : B$114

Bamboo Salt (Garam Buluh) Cooking Powder
Buy 12 FREE 1
Price : B$215

Bamboo Salt (Garam Buluh) Premier Drink
Buy 12 FREE 1
Price : B$497

Buy 2 units at actual price, buy 3rd unit at B$180 only
Total price for 3 units = B$1380 (actual B$1785)

Promotion A 
Buy 1 Full set (any series) will get REBATE B$52

Promotion B
Buy 2 Full set (any series) will get REBATE B$138

To know the size & price of your Premium Beautiful corset, do provide body measurement 1st

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