Sunday, 24 April 2016

Min Kaffe aka Mineral Coffee - New Look, Same Taste

Assalamualaikum Readers,
Lama nda update my blog ani kan. My apologies :)

Ok let's share about photo di atas. At first the name Min Kaffe is actually Mineral Coffee tapi untuk pemasaran luar negara Malaysia that is untuk Singapore, Brunei & Indonesia. But now, Malaysia will be bearing the same name "Min Kaffe", soon will be no longer called "Mineral Coffee".

The objective is to lift up the brand name and product identity as a trademark, sinonim dgn name Sahajidah Hai O Marketing at international marketing.

Don't worry, it has the SAME TASTE but only DIFFERENT LOOK & PACKING.

Price :
B$10.50 (DP)
B$11.50 (CP)

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